Monday, January 3, 2011

people than ever before, cooking, baking and shopping. I got everything done that needed to get done and was ready when family began to arrive. Some were suffering with the after effects of the flu and colds, dealing with plugged ears, watery eyes and runny noses.

My back decided to play games with me and kept me down for days. This meant my daughters spent a good amount of time in the kitchen doing what I normally like to do. Every year before my family arrives I entertain this romantic notion of quiet evenings by the fire, listening to Christmas music, reading stories, candlelight and gazing at the tree. Every year as soon as they arrive I am quickly reminded that all they want is to be together to talk lots, laugh lots, and play lots. There are new toys to be admired and played with; nail polish colours to try out on fingers and toes; books to be read; hair pretties to be attached to freshly combed hair; new movies to be watched and good food to be eaten. There is very little time to sit. Unless your back is wrecked. Thankfully it was not too wrecked to hold the baby and feed him. I love watching all the bonding that happens at Christmas time. Grandbabies are now at an age where sharing new toys is possible, even fun for them. SWEET for the parents (and grandparents too)! I absolutely LOVE having my family home for Christmas or any other time for that matter. It just doesn't get any better than having them all under my roof for a few days and nights.
The decorations are still up and I can now enjoy the candles, the fireplace and the music but I miss the noise level and all the energy that family brings with them. Maybe I should just enjoy this quiet to rest my back and concentrate on the year ahead.
I really don't want to forget about Christmas though. I will keep praising God for the gift of eternal life that He provided when He sent His Son Jesus to earth to fulfill all the prophesies, including His brutal death on the cross and the glorious resurrection which we celebrate Easter Sunday. I will continue to pray for all my family and friends to the TRUE, LIVING GOD because I agree with E.M. Bounds who wrote that prayer "lays its hand on Almighty God and moves Him to do what He would not otherwise do if prayer was not offered. It brings things to pass which would never otherwise occur." It is not "an untried theory; a recitation of words; a mere verbal performance or an empty ceremony" but "a divine arrangement". This is what I will concentrate on this year and I have no doubt that YOU, my family and friends, will be included in my praying throughout this coming year!


Renita said...


Lovely blog, Elayne! Reading it simply made MY heart feel at peace and rest, so I can only imagine what it will do for your special family!!

Jane said...

what a beautiful post!You couldnt have said it any better. so glad I found your blog! I am going to follow, you are welcome to follow mine as well. blessings jane

Anonymous said...

well elayne, all the work is worth it. You may be suprised by how many people there are who love to see through the eyes of others. Keep up the good work. Keep on posting! We need you!

Elayne said...

Thank you, ladies!