Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After my last post I felt I had to follow up with a picture and short note about my day.  I went for my usual early morning walk with a few friends which gave me just enough time to get cleaned up for coffee out with a few more friends.  One of those friends is from out of province and since we don't see each other often any more she decided we should celebrate my birthday early (my birthday is July 3rd!)    I told her it was actually my sister's birthday and I had planned to celebrate her birthday that day!  So I ended up getting a gift from my friend and buying another gift for myself for my sister's birthday!  What a crazy day!
I shopped and shopped and couldn't find anything I thought was appropriate and was about to give up when I spotted these two mugs.  I love everything about these mugs!  Each had it's own gift box and came complete with two packages of hot chocolate mix and a ceramic spoon. How appropriate!  Jean loved coffee and I don't know of anyone who loved chocolate more than she did!  I guess some of my fellow bloggers might think that's debatable?!  The French Bistro scene was the deciding factor and since it just isn't right to buy only one mug I picked up two....one for me and one for someone to share a cup of coffee with.  I even found some bite sized chocolates to go with the cup of coffee!   Every time I use these mugs I will be reminded of all the cups of coffee, conversation and laughs I shared with my sister.  


Jobina said...

for some reason I guessed that you would find something in neutral colours and possibly having to do with coffee. Now where in the world would I get that idea from?? ;oP
I never remember Grandma's birthday, but always close to the anniversary of her passing I wear her wool jacket and tell my kids about her. I think having something tangible is a great way to remember and celebrate someone's life. Enjoy your cups, your coffee, your chocolates and your time celebrating Auntie Jean and her life!

Michele said...

Nice mugs Mom! I love the whole ceramic spoon thing! I won't share coffee with you, but I'm up for hot chocolate anytime!

Joyce D. said...

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